Get Jumpman Forever

Ready to start playing Jumpman Forever?

Well… you may have to wait a bit, depending on which platform you’re wanting it for.  Our first release is for the OUYA Micro-Console, which is available in the OUYA Marketplace just by clicking this button (if you have an OUYA, obviously :-)

Our next release platform is for Mac OS X 10.8+, and Microsoft Windows PC’s.  Just after the approval of the OUYA build, we’ll be starting the beta process for Mac & PC – in fact, we already know it runs on both platforms, almost all the videos and images are done on the Mac!

Two months after that, we’ll begin distributing iOS & Android builds.

Now, if you didn’t back the Kickstarter as a beta tester – sorry, we’re not going to be shipping the betas to folks who didn’t back the Kickstarter.  No insult intended here – we made a commitment to those who backed us!  But, you’ll get to play the full version of Jumpman Forever soon enough!

Speaking of getting in on games early:  we’re about ready to launch our next video game Kickstarter!  It should be going live late this week, early next week – prepare yourself for the end of humanity.  Or is it the end?  Crucible.

Davis Ray Sickmon, JrGet Jumpman Forever